Take your Disaster Recovery Plan with you.

The KingsBridge Shield App allows you to access a locally-stored copy of your plan right on your mobile device. Whether you are standing outside the office, or standing on the beach, you can access your plan on any device (for iOSAndroid and Blackberry).

  • icon What Happens Now?
    Access your plan, anywhere. The app puts a local copy of your plan on your device. So, regardless of Internet connectivity, you always have access to your plan. Airplane mode? No problem.
  • icon Always Updated
    Access your plan offline via the mobile apps. Each time you open Shield mobile, the latest edits to your plan will sync with your device.
  • icon Important Data in Hand
    All your plans from the familiar Shield web interface are here, including access to your document folders.
  • icon Cross-platform availability
    The Shield is available for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry. Hit the appropriate link below to get Shield on your device.