In the event of a disaster, possession and execution of a high quality business continuity plan can get your business operational faster.

Take a moment to put business continuity planning into perspective.

Just one hour of lost productivity can cost your company thousands of dollars. Estimate the impact of personnel loss to your business by using the Business Continuity ROI calculator below.

A very basic calculator that we have used for years is as follows:

Total Gross Income per year / 1950 (Work hours in a year) = The income lost per hour of downtime

Total Gross Income for your company, in dollars:

If you want the number to get even bigger, add the following:

Average Income (Estimate is fine)  x  number of employees / 1950 (Work hours in a year) = Salary expenses incurred per hour of downtime

Average Salary Expense Number of Employees
for your company, in dollars: in your company:

Add the two numbers to determine your lost cash per hour of downtime.

NOTE: This estimate does not take into account your paid expenses, such as rent, utilities, taxes, misc expenses, etc ...


"Medium businesses (101 - 1000 employees) are losing an average of 1% of their annual revenue, or $867,000, to downtime with an average of nearly 140 hours of downtime every year. In addition to the financial losses, downtime creates a number of other risks including lost productivity due to idle employees, loss of customer confidence, liability and fraud due to lost records and data, and safety concerns due to no surveillance or critical communications."

Infonetics Research