• Disaster Recovery
    plans created specifically for your business

    See how a customized plan can make a difference in how you plan for interruptions. A Business Continuity plan will ensure your business stays in top form and a Disaster Recovery plan will assist your team accessing all your business-critical information.

  • See how easy using
    KingsBridge software can be

    Watch and learn some of the key concepts that power KingsBridge software. We've created quick tutorials on popular subjects in Shield such as exporting reports, uploading documents or adding new sections in your own custom plan. Take a few moments to get reacquainted with Shield.

  • A fresh look at planning

    Forget binders and print-outs, make a move to mobile. KingsBridge Mobile app puts your plan and all it's important data at your fingertips. Keep track of action items, hot spots, contacts and emergency response teams at the easiest access point for your team.

  • Looking for a plan?

    Experience KingsBridge software in the comfort of your cozy cubicle. Slide in your task chair and take a test drive of KingsBridge Shield. Our software is easy to use and quick to learn, so please take advantage of one of our trials today.

  • Think Disaster Recovery planning is boring?

    Fires, ice storms, and hurricanes are definitely not dull. And neither are we. Get to know a little bit more about us. We work hard, but as our customers know, we try to make a critical task just a little more enjoyable by having some fun too. In this video you can see why we think everyone is better off with a plan.

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KingsBridge is planning made simple

Simply put, we help companies protect their information and assets by creating plans which detail how to keep a business safe and how to recover quickly in the event a disaster occurs.

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    KingsBridge's easy-to-use software creates a tailored plan to support your team in an emergency. A software-driven plan means threats can be automatically identified and updated, and your plan is never out of date.
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    Our team of consultants can take on your planning project for you. Using our software-driven modules we can create a custom plan with minimal time and work.
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    A plan is only useful if it's complete and up to date. Our training sessions show you how to create a thorough plan and manage it without workplace interruption.

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icon KingsBridge gives our customers confidence that their business is protected.

KingsBridge's combination of consulting, training and software means that not only can we provide you with industry best practices for planning, we can also do it quickly and reliably. We've made noticeable differences for our customers across many different industries.

  • Video game design
  • Airlines
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals/Bio-tech
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